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Transforming lives one patient at a time

Superior Specialty Pharmacy and Compounding lab is dedicated to improving lives with the art and science of pharmaceutical compounding. It is our experience, expertise, dedication and our willingness to help you that makes our service superior to others.

Our mission is to improve the quality of health by maintaining our uncompromising passion for quality pharmaceuticals and customer satisfaction.

At Superior Specialty Pharmacy and Compounding lab we provide high quality, cost-effective, customized compounded medications. Our compounding professionals can formulate suitable medications as sublingual drops, oral capsules and suspensions, troches, rectal and vaginal suppositories, topical creams and gels and other customized dosage forms.

Whether you are looking for a cream for Hormone Replacement Therapy, Veterinary preparations, or other compounded medications our team of experts is ready to help you with your compounding needs.

What We Provide:

For Physicians

  • Prior Authorization Assistance – Superior will initialize the prior authorization process, which can be fairly time consuming. Bottom line: we save your staff time.
  • Co-pay card activation – We will gladly handle the steps to help activate your patients' co-pay cards while explaining the process to them and searching for the lowest cost.
  • Free statewide delivery
  • Acceptance of e-prescription, fax or mail services – Our staff will contact your office to confirm receipt of the script.
  • Customized script pads – We create script pads specific to the medications you use in your practice.
  • Access to specialty drugs - even difficult to find treatment therapies for complex conditions.
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Plaque Psoriasis

Plaque psoriasis is a disease that affects the skin and joints, and often appears as red, itchy skin. Psoriasis, although appearing as a skin condition, is really a disease of resulting from an overactive immune system. It affects about 7.5 million Americans and is the most prevalent form of psoriasis.

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Hepatitis C

Patients with the Hepatitis C virus are unprepared for the challenges involved with interferon-based therapy and will often stop taking their medications. Early adherence is critical in order to increase treatment effectiveness, and decrease the lifetime treatment cost for Hepatitis C (Journal of Hepatology).

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